We love what we do! And can't wait for the next creative idea we come up with and setting it into motion. As a husband and wife combination, we feed off of each other. Always coming up with new ideas and expanding our horizons.


Hello, my name is Dannell. I have completed my masters in design and have LOVED creating and designing since I got my first computer at 8 years old. While photography was never something I considered doing professionally until later, I love every minute of it and dont understand why I didnt do it sooner.


When I am not designing, photographing, or now creating and editing videos, I am most likely working with my horses. My second passion in life. So last year when I combined my photography with my horses, my job no longer was a job for me. I couldnt ask for anything better!


I'm married to the most understanding, supportive guy in the world and we have the sweetest son you could imagine. Its amazing to be able to work side by side with David and have the same goals with our business. Even though sometimes its pretty hard to keep a straight face with him around. If you have worked with us in the past, you would understand. He definitely makes work fun with his goofy comments. As you will see with his bio below.


Hello, my name is David. I have a big booner, he is a whitetail deer! (Dannell warned you, hahahh) I called him that because he scored a 200 7/8 Non Tyical and is going to be in the Boone & Crocket Big Game Record Books. Once in a lifetime buck! All you hunting guys out there will understand and most likely get a good chuckle out of that comment. Thank you Dannell for dealing with my shenanigans and letting me put that on my bio.


How did I start into photography? Well I was helping Dannell at a wedding, just assisting, and noticed a cool angle during a ceremony and thought, I should really have a camera. That is how it started. I leave the editing and design work to my talented wife as I could never do the amazing things she does, but I like to compete with her and come up with cool new shots every-time I pick up the camera. I have new plans for 2016 to help Dannell more in the video creation we are now offering. I am pretty excited about it and cant wait!






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Charbonneau Photography

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